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Thursday, 2. November 2017

Time Room Saphir Room Onyx Room Amethyst (Workshops)

Thursday, 2. November 11:00-12:30

WelcomeDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Honored guest: NN
President of Rett Elternhilfe, Gaby Kessler
Congress President, Professor B. Wilken
Opening Session
Chairs: F. Hanefeld, G. Kessler

  • Rett Syndrome, the rise and natural history

    A. Percy (Birmingham,USA)

Thursday, 2. November 14:00-15:30

Session 2: MeCP2 functionDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: P. Burfeind, P. Huppke

  • Role of the MeCP2 protein in activity-dependent neuronal responses

    L. Boxer (Boston,USA)

  • MECP2 expression and Rett Syndrome-like phenotypes

    P. Ross (Glasgow,UK)

  • MeCP2 and regulation of cortical plasticity

    S. Shea (Cold Spring Harbor,USA)

Session 3: CommunicationDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: T. Bartolotta, J. Lunding

  • Linguistic´s of speech initiation and support

    K. Nonn (Munich,Germany)

  • Communication in individuals with Rett Syndrome

    G. Townend (Maastricht,Netherlands)

  • Communication strategies for non-speaking children, core and fringe Vocabulary

    J. Boenisch (Cologne,Germany)

  • Transfer of communication in daily life

    J. Wine (Karkur,Israel)

AKUK 1 Workshop

Room Amethyst


  • M. Westphal (Barnstedt,Germany)
  • A. Koch-Buchtmann (Hannover,Germany)

Thursday, 2. November 16:00-18:00

The World CaféDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Moderation: D. Maack, H.J. Christen,
Concluding remarks by D. Maack and H.J. Christen
Plenum 17:45-18:00

  • Epilepsy

    T. Bast (Kork,Germany)

    B. Wilken (Kassel,Germany)

  • Transition

    L. Malton (Berlin,Germany)

    H. Leonard (Subiaco,Australia)

  • Breathing disturbance, sleeping problems

    J. Turk (London,UK)

    J.M. Ramirez (Seattle,USA)

  • International guidelines for communication

    G. Townend (Maastricht,Netherlands)

    H. Wandin (Uppsala,Sweden)

    T. Bartolotta (Galloway,USA)

AKUK 2 Workshop

Room Amethyst

Talker structures / UK ideas and implementation in practice

  • C. Hirsch (Amelinghausen,Germany)
  • M. Rosenits (Eberbach,Germany)

Orthopedic devices Workshop

Room Amethyst

This workshop will take place in room „Bernstein“

  • S. Morth
  • M. Hoffmann

Friday, 3. November 2017

Time Room Saphir Room Onyx Room Amethyst (Workshops)

Friday, 3. November 09:00-11:00

Session 4: Basic researchDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: P. Huppke, P. Burfeind

  • Characterization of autonomic dysfunction in Rett Syndrome and other MeCP2 disorders

    J. Neul (San Diego,USA)

  • Role of MeCP2 in regulating chromatin organization/remodeling

    C. Cardoso (Darmstadt,Germany)

  • Genomics of Rett Syndrome

    M. Esteller (Barcelona,Spain)

  • Physiological and pathophysiological role of MeCP2 expression on central synapse function and synapse formation

    C. Rosenmund (Berlin,Germany)

  • MeCP2 deficiency, microtubule dynamics and vesicular transport

    T. Bienvenu (Paris,France)

Session 5: Special issues in Rett SyndromeDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: B. Wilken, J.-M. Ramirez

  • Sleep disturbances in Rett Syndrome

    J. Turk (London,UK)

  • Breathing abnormalities and regulation in Rett

    J.M. Ramirez (Seattle,USA)

  • Vibration training physiotherapy (Galileo) in Rett Syndrome

    E. Schönau (Cologne,Germany)

  • Experience with Transition, a single center experience

    A. Ferbert (Kassel,Germany)

Communication Workshop

Room Amethyst

Developing ways of using AAC – illustrated by the example of a girl with Rett Syndrome

  • Ch. Dieckmann (Fuerth,Germany)

Friday, 3. November 11:30-12:30

Session 6: TransitionDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: A. Ferbert , W. Asthalter

  • Transition in Rett Syndrome

    H. Leonard (Subiaco,Australia)

  • Aging in Rett Syndrome

    M. Freilinger (Vienna,Austria)

Session 7: Free papersDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: NN, NN

  • Role of inhibitory neurons for the breathing pathology in mouse models of Rett Syndrome

    S. Hülsmann (Goettingen,Germany)

  • Aberrant glutamate handling and signaling in Rett mouse hippocampus

    S. Mironov (Goettingen,Germany)

    S. Balakrishnan (Goettingen,Germany)

Friday, 3. November 14:00-15:30

Session 8: CommunicationDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: C. Petzold, G. Townend

  • Emergent Literacy for Girls with Rett Syndrome

    S. Sachse (Cologne,Germany)

  • Combining AAC and Partner Coaching

    T. Bartolotta (Galloway,USA)

  • New technologies to empower communication in individuals with Rett Syndrome

    R.A. Fabio (Messina,Italy)

  • Visual attention when aided language modeling is used in interaction

    H. Wandin (Uppsala,Sweden)

  • Realtime video registration of communication through eye gaze devices in girls with Rett Syndrome

    G. Scholte (Utrecht,Netherlands)

Session 9: Free papersDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: NN, NN

  • Cellular redox imbalance and oxidative stress in Rett Syndrome: Deciphering their roles as potential key players in disease progression

    M. Müller (Goettingen,Germany)

  • The 5-ht5b receptor interacts with other receptor subtypes - implications for signaling defects in Rett syndrome

    M. Niebert (Goettingen,Germany)

Friday, 3. November 16:00-17:30

Session 10: CDKL5Deutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: A. Panzer, C. Fuchs

  • The molecular mechanisms of CDKL5

    T. Pizzorusso (Florence,Italy)

  • Experimental therapeutic approach for CDKL5

    C. Fuchs (Bologna,Italy)

  • Phenotypes and the therapeutic challenges of CDKL5

    S. Philip (Birmingham,UK)

  • Using Spider Therapy for Rett and CDKL5 Syndrome

    A. Mason (Wallingford,UK)

Session 11: Orthopedic and related ProblemsDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: NN, NN

  • Bone health in Rett Syndrome

    E. Schönau (Cologne,Germany)

  • Motor development

    J. Downs (Subiaco,Australia)

  • Scoliosis in Rett Syndrome

    A.-K. Hell (Goettingen,Germany)

Communication Workshop

Room Amethyst

UK-Rett-CHAT - Communication - Hope - Endurance - Technology

  • R. Malzer (Pichl,Austria)

Friday, 3. November 18:00-19:00

Session 12: Round table discussion: Direction of future research projectsDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Moderation: P. Huppke
Participants (no commitment yet):
W. Kaufmann (Boston, USA)
M. Freilinger (Wien, Austria)
P. Burfeind (Goettingen, Germany)
G. Townend (Maastricht, Netherlands)
L. Boxer (Boston, USA)

Saturday, 4. November 2017

Time Room Saphir Room Onyx Room Amethyst (Workshops)

Saturday, 4. November 09:00-10:30

Session 13: EpilepsyDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: T. Bast NN

  • Clinical manifestation and prognosis

    T. Bast (Kork,Germany)

  • Antiepileptic therapy

    A. Ziegler (Heidelberg,Germany)

  • Differential diagnosis of epileptic seizures

    T. Dietel (Kork,Germany)

Session 14: Daily life qualityDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Onyx

Chairs: NN, NN

Transition Workshop

Room Amethyst

  • W. Asthalter (Koerle,Germany)

Saturday, 4. November 11:00-13:00

Session 15: New treatment optionsDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chairs: W. Kaufmann, F. Laccone

  • Treatment options in Rett Syndrome, opportunities and false hopes

    W. Kaufmann (Boston,USA)

  • Update protein replacement therapy

    F. Laccone (Vienna,Austria)

  • Update MeCP2 reactivation

    J. Gribnau (Leiden,Netherlands)

  • Update Gene therapy

    Speakers to be announced

  • Genome editing using CRISPR-Cas9 - Applications in Rett Syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders

    A. Banerjee (Zürich,Switzerland)

Saturday, 4. November 13:00-14:00

Session 16: Breaking news, concluding remarksDeutsche Simultanübersetzung

Room Saphir

Chair: NN, NN